An IT Project Management Agency

An IT Project Management Agency


Project Management

No one wants project management. Everyone needs project management.

In modern business it is often the case that owners, lost in the create vision of their products, forget the reallity of things and lose the grasp on the scope of their projects. This tends to lead to missed deadlines, delayed launches and increased costs. The job of a project manager is to balance this vision with the harsh reality of modern business.

We offer a flexible model of managing your projects, using tools of your choice or by our recommendation.

Business Analysis

Do not know what your clients want from you? You don’t know how to tell this to your developers?

The most common problem nowadays is misscommunication. Client told you their vision and it seems so simple. You shook hands, agreed on the job. The next morning, on that development meeting, you present that idea and suddenly, it feels odd, strange, like you don’t know what was agreed. Of course, no one took notes. Now, you can’t ask back your client, you might damage your reputation, but you also cannot start to work, beacuse details are not ironed out. What to do?

We offer business analysis services to help you decode needs of your clients. We offer an approach that is both confortable for you and your client, with having each call, meeting and email documented. It also means we work with your developers to make sure they understand what needs to be done!


40 eur / h

Per-hour agreement

30 eur / h

Retainer agreement


ProLarusIT was founded in May 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia to fulfil a growing need of our clients, both domestic and international. We strive to do our work professionally, efficiently and cost-effective, making our clients satisfied with the services they are paying for.

Before you even ask – “Why Larus, what is it?” – it is a latin word for a gull, a bird that is common in territory of Serbia. This bird is also common all over the world and as it migrates during the year and visits many places, it also returns home. That is something we want to achieve with our clients, we are open to working with everyone on a global scale, but still keep our roots!


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