Bojan Kezele

Project Manager / Owner of ProLarusIT

I’ve been in IT industry for more than a decade, from humble beginnings in computer administration, through academic and laboratory research, to leading teams and managing projects, mostly in finance, banking and eCommerce.

While I’ve acquired a lot of professional, soft and general skills, my focus has always been on abstract and transferable skills like analysis of business processes. What I consider my strongest ability is adaptability to a new and the unknown.

About Me

Academic roots

I was born in mid-1980s in Belgrade, Serbia, where I grew up, studied and started my career. I’ve graduated as an MSc in Information Technology at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, back in 2012.

My early career consisted of working as a teaching assistant at the same faculty where I graduated. As a part of Laboratory for Multimedia Communication, I was involved in several projects, most notably in biometrics research, an area my master thesis is about.

Business analysis in finance

In 2012 my career took a shift towards financial and banking sectors and I got a job as a Lead Business Analyst at Belgrade Stock Exchange, where I lead production team. I played major roles in several in-house projects, most notably an upgrade of an entire system to be in accordance with standards of European Union.

Other efforts included implementation of a system for an exchange of digitally signed documents between members of the Exchange and working closely in supporting all major Certification Authorities in Republic of Serbia.

As a production team lead I was in charge of stability of an entire system and business continuity, and sometimes involved in incident and crisis management.

Project and Task Management
Business Analysis
Analytical Thinking
Requirements Gathering
Process Modeling
Documentation Writing
Programming Background (C#, Java)
Version Control (Git, TFS)
Databases (MySQL, MS SQL)

Project Management in Web

In the late 2018 I’ve decided to take a shift into a private sector and into different kind of projects. I got a job as a Project Manager at ProudSource IT, a small company with strong academic background. Here, I was a part of several projects, mostly in banking and finance, and took a lead in a project regarding internal communication and incident management, for a major client.

Coronavirus pandemic brought several changes in my career. In early 2021 I made a switch into pharmaceutical sector. However, shortly after I made a biggest change in my career to date. I’ve opened my own agency – ProLarusIT – an started a new journey. My first major client became Digital Silk, where, as a Project Manager, I got involved into multiple major web projects for global clients, predominantly in the USA market.

Professional Interests

Business Analysis

I think Business Analysis is my strongest skill. I’ve always enjoyed in understanding the needs of a less tech-savvy clients and translating and adapting them for a development team. Bridging that gap is often a challenge in modern fast-paced world and I really enjoy making that jump.

Process Optimization

I absolutely love Process Optimization! There is nothing more trilling for me but to identify a weak points in the process, explore how it can be improved and then work on a solution. Companies often rely on old structures, outdated process and inert personnel and helping such companies should be a priority.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy is something I take very seriously, both professionally and privately. From various procedures and protocols I put in place to using encryption services along with regular data backups, all with the same goal, to keep my data, information and habits private and secure.

Open Source Software

I consider myself an advocate for the open source software. What we have to use at work is usually dictated by the company, but privately I will suggest using open source software or, at very least, engage in a debate why is one approach better than the other, in hopes of enlightening people around me.

Work Experience

Digital Silk

Project Manager

May 2021 - Current

Extra Care Pharmaceuticals

Project Manager

January 2021 - May 2021

ProudSource IT

Project Manager

October 2018 - December 2020

Belgrade Stock Exchange

Lead Business Analyst

July 2012 - October 2018

University of Belgrade, FON

Teaching Assistant

March 2011 – June 2012